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Hi there! I'm Judy and I'm your friendly neighbourhood home daycare provider. Although I abhor the title "babysitter" I use it here because sadly, most of the population sees the people who care for their most precious gifts as mere babysitters. And, as you can already tell I am quite sarcastic and quick to make fun of myself. Therefore I will continue to use that term in the postings contained in this blog.

This blog began as an outlet to vent many of my frustrations. However, after a few posts and some self reflection I realized that perhaps the posts could help parents to understand the true world of daycare. If you are a parent who has a child in daycare you undoubtedly, at first, will be shaking your head in complete disagreement or perhaps naivety. You will tell yourself that YOUR daycare provider would never share my views. I am here to tell you that unless you have the one per cent of daycare providers who are super human, non-biased, non-thinking pushovers then chances are very good that your provider is also reading these posts and shaking her head - up and down - in agreement.

So, welcome to the blog. It is my hope that you are able to read through the sarcasm and in the simple, relaxed language you might find some humour and also gain a better understanding of what it is that your daycare provider manages each and every day. Understanding always leads to a better relationship.

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